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About Community Partnerships

Things we look for in projects we take on

Solve a real civic need: While there are plenty of problems out there, we limit ourselves to civic-related and social impact work. We understand this can look different for everyone which is why we will always have you discuss how we can help with the Code for Dallas leadership team before we commit to anything.

Be open-source: This means the code, progress, and deliverable are openly available online for everyone to access for free.

Non-partisanship: As a diverse group of members, we cannot take on partisan projects which support specific political efforts.

Our Process

  1. Contact us and someone will get back to you to setup a discovery call

  2. Conduct conversation(s) with Code for Dallas leadership

  3. Scope out details and project deliverables

  4. Craft a pitch for our community members to get familiar with your organization

  5. Get to work

Ready to Discuss?