Upcoming Events:

Virtual Meet and Exciting Projects at Code for Dallas

A Bi-weekly recurring event that gives an opportunity to learn about Code for Dallas on what we do and how you can be a part of our wonderful team. More to this, we shall also discuss the existing projects and other exciting projects to come.

Past Events:

Creatives for the Count

A creative outreach design event intended to promote Census 2020 and its importance to the masses and to remote ethnicities. Conducted this campaign event which involved several UI/UX designers, story tellers, illustrators etc., Developed several creative ideas of illustrated the promoted the importance of Census 2020

DFW Open Data Day

Code for Dallas co-organized and participated in the DFW Open Data Day. This event provides a chance for those who are passionate about civic technology, government transparency, and open data to utilize their skillsets in building applications, tools, and prototypes that support smart city initiatives.

Come Join us for great projects.